Peer Observation

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Peer Observation
Co Chairs:
Ayse Atasoylu, MD 
Susan Burgin, MD 
2015 Meetings
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9-10:30AM TMEC 333 RSVP  
Thursday , May 14, 2015 3:30 - 5PM TMEC 126 RSVP
Friday March, 6, 2015 11:30AM - 1PM TMEC 333 RSVP


The primary goals of the HMS Academy’s Interest Group in Peer Observation of Teaching are to develop a culture of teaching improvement across HMS; provide individualized faculty development for those involved in teaching at the UME, GME, and CME levels; and generate a community-wide conversation about best teaching practices.
To assist HMS with its current efforts to cultivate use of interactive teaching strategies that foster active learning and encourage critical thinking and reflection, during AY2014, the Interest Group focused its attention on exploring and gaining a better understanding about the flipped classroom method.  While there are many ways to “flip a classroom,” a unifying characteristic of all such classrooms is to direct attention away from the instructor and onto the students and their application of learning.  To sample various flipped classroom approaches presently used at HMS, we received permission to observe the Integrated Human Physiology (IHP) course in which faculty deliberately use interactive and flipped classroom techniques during their large group discussions. As a result, the Interest Group (IG) engaged in the following activities:
  • 12  interest group members conducted 22 observations of the IHP large group sessions. 
  • IG members completed a post-observation survey after the IHP sessions. From the result of this survey, 10 structured themselves were identified including: 
    • learning environment 
    • Student preparation and readiness 
    • Sequencing, timing, and flow of class activities 
    • Instructors' use of questions and active learning techniques 
    • Instructors' promotion of critical thinking 
    • Student engagement collaboration, and participation 
    • Co-teaching techniques and instructional interplay among multiple faculty members 
    • 10 IG members participated in reviewing and summarizing the comment from the post-observation survey. We then discussed these summaries with the Interest Group and members and the IHP faculty
Observation of the IHP course allowed the Interest Group members to witness authentic use of flipped classroom techniques and to see how the students interacted with the course instructors and each other in real time. The course director, Dr. Richard Schwartzstein, plans to share the IG findings with those involved faculty development efforts for new the pre-clerkship curriculum.
Using the IHP observations and summaries, in AY 2015, we will plan to devise and pilot test a peer observation of flipped classroom instrument.  
If you  have any information of current HMS and HMS-Affiliated peer observation faculty teaching activities, please help us gather data by filling out this form: 

June 24, 2015
May 14, 2015 
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March 6, 2015 Meeting
October 1, 2014 Meeting
**Important article to read about Flipped Classroom Definition - Click here
June 5, 2014 Meeting
January 16, 2014 Meeting


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