Education Technology

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Education Technology

Co Chairs:
Michael Parker, MD
Debra Weiner, MD PhD
Jason Alvarez

Katherine Andriole, PhD
Ayse Atasoylu, MD MPH
Puja Banka, MD
David Brown, MD
Matthew Carty, MD
Lisa Frontado, MS EdM
Joseph Garfield, MD
Simon Helfgott, MD
Melanie Hoenig, MD
Tanzeema Hossain, MD
Julie Ingelfinger, MD
Joel Katz, MD MA
B. Price Kerfoot, MD EdM
Randall King, MD PhD
Joshua Klein, MD PhD
Jean Klig, MD
Carolyn Kloek, MD
Lisa Lehmann, MD PhD MSc
Andrew Lichtman, MD
Leonard Lilly, MD
Alex McAdam, MD PhD
Graham McMahon, MD MMSc
Toni Peters, PhD
Roy Phitayakorn, MD
Jeremy Richards, MD MA
David Roberts, MD
Sunil Sabharwal, MD
Mark Simone-Skidmore, MD
Priscilla Slanetz, MD MPH
Charles Surber, MD

Goals and Achievements:

The Academy’s Educational Technology Special Interest Group is focused on fostering faculty awareness of and expertise in use of available educational technology resources.  As part of this process, we hope to develop a community for discussing and sharing ed tech related advances in teaching and learning.  Members share updates on their uses of technology in teaching and discuss best practices, and great examples make their way into future workshops or the Academy Insights newsletter.

In recent meetings, we introduced interactive (participatory) demos of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and collaboration workflows (for example, video conferencing for virtual office hours).  These demos have also allowed us to pilot material for the “Digital Doctor” faculty development series that the Ed Tech SIG will be creating and running over the next year.   The Digital Doctor sessions will involve medical faculty and educational technology experts as teachers to train faculty on highly relevant, easily adoptable ed tech skills. 

The Ed Tech SIG also guides HMS in how to best help faculty navigate the changing technology landscape at HMS (e.g. MyCourses re-design, Curriculum Map, new classroom technologies, etc.). 

2012 Meetings Minutes/Agendas:

10/27/2012 Meeting:
10/27/2010 Agenda
10/27/2010 Minutes

12/21/2010 Meeting:
12/21/2010 Minutes

5/24/2011 Meeting:
5/24/2011 Agenda

10/4/2012 Meeting:
10/4/2012 Agenda

12/13/2012 Meeting:
12/13/2012 Agenda


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