Communication, Compassion, and Empathy

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Communication, Compassion, and Empathy

Amy Sullivan Ed.D
Beth Lown M.D.
Kristen Schaefer M.D.

Goals and Achievements
Meeting Minutes and Agenda 

Fall 2015 Meetings:
Wednesday, September 16th 4:30-6PM TMEC 346 : RSVP
Thursday, October 22nd 4:30-6PM TMEC 448: RSVP
Wednesday, November 18th 4:30-6PM TMEC 346: RSVP
Thursday, December 17th 4:30-6PM TMEC 448: RSVP

Spring 2016 : Locations not yet finalized:
Thursday, January 21st 4:30-6PM: RSVP
Wednesday, February 24th 4:30-6PM: RSVP
Wednesday, March 9th 4:30-6PM: RSVP
Thursday, April 28th 4:30-6PM: RSVP
Wednesday, May 18th 4:30-6PM: RSVP
Thursday, June 23rd 4:30-6PM: RSVP

Goals and Achievements:

The newly formed Communication, Compassion, and Empathy (CCE) Special Interest Group includes 22 faculty who represent course and clerkship faculty from 5 hospitals. With the new curriculum bringing students into the clinical environment significantly earlier in their training, the ability to communicate effectively and compassionately with patients, families, team members, and peers becomes increasingly important. The aim of this interest group is to assess current needs and opportunities at the medical school for student learning, faculty development, and research in student competencies in communication, compassion, and empathy. Drawing on the expertise and experience of its members in research and teaching in these areas, the CCE Special Interest Group has begun work with design teams of the new HMS curriculum to assist in developing an integrated curriculum that will allow students to learn and practice increasingly advanced communication skills. Faculty development sessions will be designed to support faculty in teaching these skills to students in both classroom and clinical settings.

Meeting Minutes and Agenda:

09/16/2015 MeetingAgenda
Article 1
Article 2 

10/15/2015 Meeting: Agenda 

11/18/2015 Meeting
HMS Pathways: Guide to Learning in the New Curriuclum
Pathways Faculty Guide
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