Small Group Learning Resources

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Small Group Learning Resources

Strategies to Improve Small Group Teaching

In 2010, the Taskforce on Classroom Learning reaffirmed the goals of small group learning at Harvard Medical School: to reinforce knowledge through problem solving, to plumb the depths of a problem, to test assumptions, generate hypotheses and practice reasoning critically, to collaborate with peers, and to receive feedback and reflect in action. To foster teaching to meet these goals, the Academy Center for Teaching & Learning has posted on this website the following materials:

1. A standard observation guide designed for peer coaching of small group facilitators
2. A videotaped small group case-based discussion with queries and faculty members’ comments collected during an Academy workshop on small group facilitation
3. Tips for facilitating small group discussions

Click here to view the observation guide, discussion questions, and tips as one document

Part 1. Environment and Interaction

Click here to view "Strategies to Improve Small Group Teaching"

Part 2. Higher Order Cognitive Strategies

Part 3. Summary & Resolution to Assure Learning Basic Concepts

Additional Small Group Learning Resources

Tips for Facilitating Interactive Learning

Essay on "The Quiet Student"



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