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Committee Members

Dean Flier expresses his gratitude to Reunion Committee members

2015 Committee Members

Class of 1955

W. Gerald Austen, MD
Carl N. Brownsberger, MD
Roman W. DeSanctis, MD
David S. Fischer, MD
Harris Hyman, MD
David G. Nathan, AB ’51, MD
Ernest H. Picard, MD
Mitchell T. Rabkin, AB ’51, MD
Robert H. Resnick, MD
Bruce J. Sams Jr., MD
Eleanor Gossard Shore, AB ’51, MD, MPH ’70

Class of 1960

Joseph S. Barr Jr., MD
Peter V. Barrett, MD
Melvin C. Britton Jr., MD
Roger J. Bulger, AB ’55, MD
Robert J. Dobrow, MD
Lawrence M. Fishman, AB ’55, MD
Stuart L. Fischman, DMD
Michael M. Frank, MD
Rex L. Jamison, MD
Robert E. Kleiger, MD
M. David Kurland, MD, SM ’94
Albert B. Levin, MD
Anthony B. Nesburn, MD
Eric L. Radin, MD
Jane G. Schaller, MD
William B. Stason, MD, SM ’75
Richard J. Wurtman, MD

Class of 1965

William W. Babson Jr., MD
Bruce A. Chabner, MD
William G. Couser, AB ’61, MD
Clyde S. Crumpacker II, MD
Mina Farhad, AM ’58, PhD ’63, MD
Horst S. Filtzer, MD
Morris A. Fisher, MD
Henry Philip Godfrey, AB  ’61, MD
Martin L. Greene, AB ’61, MD
Timothy E. Guiney, MD
Marc J. Gurwith, MD
Glenn E. Haughie, AB ’61, MD, MPH ’70
Charles Kenyon, MD
W. Michael Kuehl, AB ’61, MD
Karen S. Kuehl, MD
Barry W. Levine, MD
John J. McNamara, MD
James A. Nelson, AB ’61, MD
Gilbert S. Omenn, MD
Kenneth R. Ratzan, MD
Alan A. Rozycki, MD
Henry E. Schniewind Jr., AB ’61, MD
Harold C. Sox Jr., MD
Jeffrey A. Stein, AB ’60, MD
Samuel Strober, MD

Class of 1970

Cary Akins, AB ’66, MD
Clarence W. Applegate, MD
Michael I. Bennett, AB ’66, MD
Stephen A. Colchamiro, DMD
Malcolm Cox, MD
John A. K. Davies, AB ’64, MD
John B. Emans II, AB ’66, MD
S. Jean H. Emans, AB ’66, MD
Richard I. Fisher, MD
Joan H. Goldberg, AB ’66, MD
Peter L. Gross, AB ’66, MD
Frederic E. Hyman, MD
Michael B. Millis, AB ’66, MD
James M. Rabb, AB ’66, MD

Class of 1975

David H. Bor, MD
Claire V. Broome, AB ’70, MD
Homero R. Garza, MD, MPH ’76
Paul W. Ladenson, MD
Edward M. Lukawski, AB ’71, MD
Ramon F. Martin, MD
Reed E. Pyeritz, AM ’71, PhD ’72, MD
Jessie L. Sherrod, MD
Mark C. Shields, AB ’70, MD
Laura L. Tosi, MD

Class of 1980

Scott T. Aaronson, MD
Thomas J. Cavin, AB ’76, MD
Sharon Ann Clark, MD
Lewis R. First, AB ’76, MD, SM ’85
Julia A. Haller, MD
Griffith R. Harsh IV, AB ’75, MD
Virginia T. Latham, MD
Joseph Madsen, MD
John B. Pick, DMD
Charles Simmons
Mary E. Sunday, MD, PhD ’82

Class of 1985

Elizabeth S. Kaufman, MD
Evan Loh, AB ’81, MD
Elizabeth L. Petri Henske, MD
Melissa Welch, MD
Janey L. Wiggs, MD
Ginat Wintermeyer Mirowski, MD, DMD ’86, MMSc ’88, PD ’88

Class of 1990

Christine M. Albert, MD, MPH ’97
David M. Altshuler, MD, PhD ’90
Philip Blazar, AB ’86, MD
Harold J. Burstein, AB ’86, MD, AM ’94, PhD ’94
Jennifer L. Carter, MD, MPH ’91
Benjamin T. Davis, MD
Carol A. Dean, MD
Thomas J. Gill IV, AB ’86, MD
Anne R. Hansen, MD, MPH ’95
Tiron C. Pechet, AB ’85, MD
Eileen E. Reynolds, AB ’86, MD
Benjamin Scheindlin, MD
Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD, MPH ’91
Erica R. Thaler, MD

Class of 1995

Ann Celi, MD, MPH ’02
Paula Goodman Fraenkel, AB ’91, MD
Marissa M. Howard-McNatt, MD
Emily Oken, MD, MPH ’03
Monique A. Rainford, MD
Walter M. Ralph Jr., MD, PhD ’95
David H. Roberts, MD
Rodney J. Taylor, AB ’91, MD
Steven J. Wang, AB ’91, MD

Class of 2000

Ritu S. Batra, AB ’95, MD, MPH ’00
Aradhana M. Venkatesan, MD
Sean A. Wright, MD
Blair Johnson Wylie, MD
John Voorhees Wylie Jr., MD

Class of 2005

Robert J. Casey III, MD
Dan Kramer, MD, MPH ’14
Carlos Julio Ledezma, MD
Margot L. Phillips, MD

Class of 2010

Robert Michael Daly, Jr., MBA ’07, MD
Lauren Gilstrap Milley, MD
Amara L. Mulder, AB ’03, MD

2014 Committee Members

2014 Recap »

Class of 1954

K. Frank Austen, MD
Richard C. Burnstine, MD
C. Peter Crowe Jr., MD
William L. Green, MD
Charlotte G. Neumann, MD
Thomas F. O'Brien , MD
Miles F. Shore, MD
James F. Upson, MD

Class of 1959

James E. Barrett Jr., MD
Robert S. Blacklow, MD
Norman A. Clemens, MD
Karl Engelman, MD
Alan J. Friedman, MD
Paul Friedmann, MD
Donald B. Giddon, DMD, PhD
Arthur L. Herbst, MD
David Korn, MD
S. Bert Litwin, MD
Kilmer S. McCully, MD
Bucknam McPeek, MD *
David Rush, MD
Paul E. Sapir, MD
James J. Sidd, MD

Class of 1964

Carolyn Aldredge, MD
David Chapin, MD
Boyd Eaton, MD
Steve Hulley, MD
Joe Hurd, MD
Jay Jackman, MD
A.W. Karchmer, MD
Bob Lawrence, MD
Bob McCarley, MD
Georges Peter, MD
Joel Rubenstein, MD
Steve Schroeder, MD
Peter Steinglass, MD
Tom Vernon, MD
Lowell Young, MD

Class of 1969

Robert C. Bast Jr., MD
Curt R. Freed, MD
Michael A. Gimbrone Jr., MD
Donald A. Goldmann, MD
Stephen V. Hall, MD
Edward P. Hoffer, MD
Leonard B. Kaban, MD
Morton G. Kahan, MD
Jonathan E. Kolb, MD
Robert J. Mayer, MD
William E. Seaman, MD
George E. Thibault, MD

Class of 1974

Kenneth W. Chin, MD
Mark W. Clark, MD
Howard H. Goldman, MD
Eleanor T. Hobbs, MD
Amy A. Pruitt, MD
Christopher M. Rose, MD
Gloria E. Singleton-Gaston, MD

Class of 1979

Mary H. Briggs, MD
Anne F. St. Goar, MD
Eve J. Higginbotham, MD
Nancy E. Oriol, MD
Deborah B. Prothrow-Stith, MD
Rhonda E. Rand, MD
Dan H. Rome, MD
Andrew Satlin, MD
Richard M. Schwartzstein, MD
Judith K. Stein, MD
Bartholomew J. Tortella, MD
Cherie Warner, MD
Susan M. Witkie, MD

Class of 1984

Erik H. Gaensler, MD
Edward M. Hundert, MD
John E. Jordan, MD
Richard T. Kenney, MD
Stephanie J. Marioneaux, MD
Richard N. Mitchell, MD
Martin R. Prince, MD
Peter L. Slavin, MD
Alan C. Yeung, MD

Class of 1989

Daniel Bloomfield, MD
Glenn Chertow, MD
Bob Giugliano, MD
Michael Givertz, MD
Eric Isselbacher, MD
Pablo Lapuerta, MD
Ann Lindgren, MD
Charlotte Mao, MD
Domenic Zambuto, MD

Class of 1994

Timothy J. Friel, MD
Jason R. Gee, MD
Lauren O. Glickman, MD
Alisa B. Goldberg, MD
Joshua M. Hauser, MD
Stella K. Kim, MD
Marc S. Sabatine, MD
Theresa L. Shanahan, MD

Class of 1999

Lori B. Daniels Krummen, MD
Craig D. Norquist, MD
Matthew F. Reeves, MD
Elissa B. Rottenberg, MD
Bradley A. Sharpe, MD

Class of 2004

Elizabeth A. Comen, MD
Julie H. Levison, MD
Wei Lin, MD

Class of 2009

Jennifer Y. Chen, MD
Joanna Mimi Choi, MD
Ariela L. Marshall, MD
Brenda Anders Pring, MD
Sewit Teckie, MD
Tian Zhang, MD




Photo collage

If you weren't able to return to the Quad, or if you want to relive the fun, event photographers were there to capture all the special moments. Videos are also available from the Alumni Day Symposium, the Dean's State of the School, and the Annual Business Meeting of the HMAA.



2013 Reunion Classes present Dean Flier with their cummulative gift

Many alumni stretch their normal giving, or give for the first time, to present a class gift that will make a substantial impact on HMS and its students.
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