Pedagogy and Faculty Development Subcommittee

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Strategic Planning for Contiuning Education: Subcommittee on Pedagogy and Faculty Development

The Subcommittee on Pedagogy and Faculty Development was directed to think comprehensively about the mission of continuing medical education, how trends in pedagogy should be integrated into future offerings, what the role of faculty development should be to support new teaching methods, and whether some events/activities should be directed at educating the public-at-large.  The subcommittee focused its efforts on pedagogical techniques, course evaluation, potential for research in medical education as it pertains to CME, faculty development and promotion, networking and sharing best practices among course directors, and potential expansion of the audience for continuing education (beyond formal CME) to include the lay public.

Subcommittee Report (requires eCommons access)


Alan Leichtner, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics (BCH)

Richard Schwartzstein, MD, Ellen and Melvin Gordon Professor of Medical Education (BIDMC)


Susan Block, MD, Professor of Psychiatry (BWH/DFCI)

Jonathan Borus, MD, Stanley Cobb Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry (BWH)

Jules Dienstag, MD, Dean for Medical Education (HMS)

James Gordon, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine (MGH)

Daniel Hunt, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine (MGH)

Jennifer Kesselheim, MD, Instructor in Pediatrics (BCH)

Antoinette Peters, PhD, Associate Professor of Population Medicine (HPHC)

Jane Sillman, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (BWH)


Cat Sherrill, Project Manager, Institutional Planning (HMS)