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News Releases and Statements

Implementation of New HMS Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
January 20, 2011 — Dean Jeffrey S. Flier shares details about the implementation of the new requirements on conflicts of interest and commitment with faculty. Continue reading...

Harvard Medical School Dean Accepts Recommendations for Revising Conflicts of Interest Policy
July 21, 2010 — Following more than one year of rigorous discussion and deliberation, the Harvard University Faculty of Medicine Committee on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment has presented Dean Jeffrey S. Flier with a series of recommendations to revise and clarify the existing Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (COI policy). Continue reading...

Q&A on Harvard University's New Policy on Conflicts of Interest
July 21, 2010 — Over a period of nine months, a University-wide faculty committee chaired by Vice Provost David Korn, MD, crafted the first Harvard University Policy on Individual Financial Conflicts of Interest for Persons Holding Faculty and Teaching Appointments. Continue reading...

Statement Regarding New York Times Article
March 5, 2009 — HMS has long valued faculty collaboration with industry as part of its mission of facilitating scientific discoveries and clinical translation that will benefit the sick and suffering. Continue reading...

Committee to Create University-wide Conflict of Interest Policies and Principles
February 26, 2009 — A newly empaneled committee is about to begin an intensive review of University-wide conflict of interest (COI) “principles, policies and recommendations.” Continue reading...

Statement Regarding Harvard Medical School's Conflict of Interest Policies
June 2008 — The HMS Faculty Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment is rigorous and comprehensive and sets some of the highest standards among medical colleges. Continue reading...

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Financial Summary
A financial summary is provided annually in the Dean’s Report.

Sponsorship Data
Information on the HMS sponsored research budget

An Honor Roll of Donors is produced each year in conjunction with the Dean’s Report.

Articles and Perspectives

2010 Recommendations: Dean’s Perspective
July 21, 2010 — HMS dean Jeffrey S. Flier offers his perspective on the recommendations issued on Harvard Medical School’s long-standing faculty policy governing financial conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of Interest and Academic Industry Relationships
July 15, 2009 — Dean Flier’s White Paper, which frames the complex and multi-tiered issues surrounding the national discussion.

HMS Dean Convenes Committee to Review Conflicts of Interest
January 23, 2009 — HMS dean Jeffrey S. Flier has announced that he will convene a committee, including faculty and students, to review the current Faculty of Medicine Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment. Continue reading...